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Coffee We are proud to offer you a selection of our favorite coffees,
freshly roasted in-house bi-weekly.
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Fair Trade

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Medium Dark Roast
From Santo Antonio Estates in Minus Gerais, these beans offer a raisin-like, rummy fruit flavor prominant in high-grown Brazil naturals. Delicious as a stand-alone cup or as part of an espresso blend.   $14.00
Dark Roast
In the cup, our dark Colombia offers a classic profile: full aroma and body, overall richness and hints of chocolate and dried fruit that have made Colombian coffees famous and favored throughout the world. This dark roast offers bold flavor with no bitterness.   $14.00
Colombia Light Roast More fruit and nut-forward than the medium or dark roasts. Notes of brown butter, plum and almond.   $14.00
Colombia Medium Roast At a medium roast, this famous coffee offers a full aroma and a cup with pleasing fruit tones balanced by caramelly-nutty sweetness, creamy body, and lingering sweet finish.   $14.00
Columbia Gorge Espresso Blend Four-beans, three roasts (dark, medium-dark and medium). Smooth and balanced. Perfect as a stand-alone cup or as part of your favorite espresso drinks.   $14.00
Ethiopia Yirgacheffe Medium Roast Shimmering citrus and flower tones; explosively fragrant; almost perfumed.   $16.00
Guatemala Medium Dark Roast Perfectly balanced, medium body. Notes of brown sugar, caramel, milk chocolate, dates and citrus.   $14.00
Jamaica Blue Mountain Medium Roast Silky smooth, well-balanced, bold aroma with floral, sweet herbal and nutty tones. This distinguished coffee deserves its stellar reputation.   $55.00
100% Kona Medium Roast Enjoy this legendary island coffee with its perfectly balanced, medium body, fruity acidity. Silky, smooth and mild.   $40.00
Maui Mokka Medium Roast These tiny, roundish beans brew a cup with a range of lovely, chocolate flavors accented with toffee notes. The medium-dark roast allows you to experience the rich body, balanced acidity and captivating character of this unique coffee.   $26.00
Mexico Chiapas Medium Roast Smooth, medium body with notes of cocoa powder, nuts and malt. Organic | Fair Trade $15.00
Rosebud Espresso Blend Medium Dark Roast Deep, rich, full-bodied blend. Dark chocolate, cherry, molasses and berry tones. Stands up well to milk.   $15.00
Sumatra Gayo Mountain®
Dark Roast
This high-grown coffee offers the wild, earthy flavors, firm body, and sweet finish characteristic of all good Sumatras. Smooth, rich, and full at this perfect dark roast. (Profits from this coffee provide strong economic and social supports in the Gayo Highland region.) Organic | Fair Trade $14.50
Sumatra Gayo Mountain® Medium Roast Taste all the earthy complexity of this famous coffee at a perfect medium roast. The loamy body, powerful aroma and sturdy flavor characteristics make it a perfect drinking coffee, as a stand-alone or part of a blend. Organic | Fair Trade $14.50
Vietnam Central Highlands Light Roast Sweet, buttery, smooth and fruity. Enjoy all the subtle character of these large, perfect beans at a light roast.   $15.00
Guatemala Swiss Water® Process Decaf This legendary Central American coffee retains its rich, satisfying character as a Swiss Water® Process Decaf and develops its full flavor at a medium dark roast. Enjoy the smooth, balanced medium body with hints of spice, orange peel and chocolate. Perfect as a stand-alone coffee or as a base for “half-caf” blends.   $16.00
Peru Swiss Water® Process Decaf Rich notes of cocoa, plum, light molasses and mandarin. Medium body and depth. Organic | Fair Trade $16.00